Fellowship Mission School

CBSE Affiliated Senior Secondary School

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A Word From Our Chairman

Dr. K.C.John — Founder & Chairman

Dear Students, I am greatly pleased to welcome you to Fellowship Mission School . I am proud witness to the growth and development of this institution . This institution has extracted from our rich values and beliefs and is striding forward with sure steps to contemporize and practice the deep seated principles. I am sure that you will reap rich rewards of success and knowledge as this school strives to follow the paths of Godly power and labor to achieve the goal. This, doubled with what the Bible talks about wisdom, ‘the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom* will bring the best of person out of you. Our Nation needs such people now. With the best of facilities and staff at our disposal, we pray that you would be the gem that would make the difference and would contribute in taking our nation to those heights that the founding fathers of our nation dreamed of, I take this opportunity to congratulate the entire staff and student community of Fellowship Mission School for their delightful efforts, which is sure to encourage new talents, initiate discussions and foster a healthy & expressive environment.
Best wishes for the new session.