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The school, besides imparting academic education in the commonly accepted courses endeavors;

  • To discover ,define and refine the hidden talents in the child and to provide him or her a career oriented education
  • To provide education to the child in Indian environment based on academic literacy and cultural heritage of the country
  • To provide obedient loyal, faithful,true and constructive citizen having a staunch nationalistic aptitude with high moral values.
  • To impart education, general as well as vocational to all irrespective of religion, caste, creed and color in an atmosphere of purity, efficiency, discipline with a special emphasis on character building.
  • All round development of personality through efficient education by teachers of high caliber and total dedication.
  • To develop creative potential of children through painting music and other form of art.

At the same time the school tries to embody such of the features of the English public school as one suitable to Indian conditions.

The school offers under mentioned course of study for boys and girls
A.Primary-Classes 1 - 5
B.High School-Classes 6 - 8
C.Secondary School-Classes 9 - 10
D.Senior Secondary School-Classes 11 - 12 (Arts, Commerce, Science)