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Thank you for your interest in Fellowship Mission School!

At Fellowship Mission School, students are dedicated to holistic development: academic excellence as well as personal, social and moral development.

Admissions are open to all students who exhibit a strong desire to learn in a challenging and stimulating environment. We understand that some students learn best by reading; some, through actual experience; some, through pursuing passion. At FMS diversity is celebrated and many paths are explored; students are guided and encouraged to find paths that are most effective for them. Through exploration and exposure to such diverse experiences, students become independent learners and thinkers as well as creative problem solvers.

Founded in 2006, Fellowship Mission School has a history of providing an academically rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that promotes academic excellence, integrity and social responsibility.

The school follows a strict policy for admissions; however, chance vacancies occur from time to time. Parents are requested to enquire at our reception where information on vacancies are available. We accept students up to grade 12 and are affiliated with the C.B.S.E.

For information, please feel free to call us or email us at